Delia Kenza

Brooklyn, New York
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A former attorney, Delia Kenza is now a Brooklyn-based interior designer who specializes in complete renovations of urban living spaces. She realized her passion for design at a young age, thanks to the heavy influence of her grandmother (also Delia). “She was elegant in everything she did, everything she wore, and in how she lived,” Delia says. Seamstress by trade, Delia Kenza’s grandmother surrounded herself with beauty. From the “emerald green slubbed silk” she used to reupholster her sofa, to the “delicate porcelain dishes” in her cabinets.

Today, this Delia brings her own interpretation of what elegance means into the 21st century. Preferring bold, clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral palette augmented by carefully chosen color accents, she creates custom interiors with a very modern aesthetic that incorporates subtle touches of the past. This parallel appreciation for the past and present results in a delicate, comfortable, and thoroughly pleasing balance that bucks current trends, is never static, and relies on her organic sense of what works. Drawing inspiration from “almost any physical source” around her—Delia is influenced by everything from an evening spent at the ballet to a museum exhibit.

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