Savannah Grace Metcalf

Atlanta, Georgia
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Savannah Grace Metcalf possesses over 10 years of industry experience in both commercial and residential interiors. Her passion for art and design developed at a very young age and eventually led her to pursue interior design professionally. After earning a Bachelor's in Interior Design from Auburn University, she moved directly to San Francisco to launch her career. After spending several years working with a large, world-renowned architecture firm, she struck out on her own. In early 2016, she moved to business to Atlanta.

Savannah believes that interiors should be approachable yet inspiring and creates unique spaces by incorporating both modern elements and vintage finds. Her vast experience allows her to work in any and every style, and her trained eye results in one-of-a-kind rooms. She believes that design holds the power to improve one's quality of life, and she aims to achieve this for each of her clients.

Fun Fact

Savannah thinks that EVERYONE should collect something, and she personally collects vintage brass bottle openers (but not boring ones!). She looks for ones that are shaped like mermaids or hands or other weird objects. She also loves to sketch and draw since graphic design was her first art-related love.

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What clients say
(4 reviews)

Jo B.

Savannah is great and has such amazing ideas.

Kristen W.

Our designer Savannah has already shown excitement and interest in our project before we've really gotten started

Uma L.

We cannot express enough how satisfied we have been (from start to finish) with Savannah. She went above and beyond providing us with exceptional interior design and customer service. She was SPOT ON with every design aspect and truly transformed the space from major blah to wow.


Savannah was an absolute delight to work with and totally nailed our design. Not only did she have a great vision for the space, but was open to collaborating with us and stayed intimately involved throughout the entire process. I hope to hire her for a significantly bigger space with a significantly bigger project in a couple of years when we are ready to move into our next space!

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