The $0 Makeover

The $0 Makeover

The $0 Makeover


Michael C, Design Director


A little goes a long way: space reorganization and furniture reassessment transforms a BK Studio.

Photos by Chellise Michael.

The answer to your dream home question is often closer than it may appear. Such was the case for this client’s charming studio in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens. As Design Director at one of Manhattan’s best branding agencies, Michael is definitely a very stylish and aesthetically-inclined man but his directorial abilities didn’t translate to home design in quite the way he wanted. Hiring Homepolish to translate his personal style to his personal space helped him edit what he had to make it better without buying anything new!

A studio apartment really only has space for the basics – bed, couch, some kind of storage unit – but the way they’re arranged makes a huge difference. Michael’s home already had a lot of amazing furniture and art that just needed a proper layout. We used the large furniture pieces to divvy the space into private and public, sleeping and lounging. By using Michael’s existing accessories we pulled off a significant makeover in a day and without spending a dime


Homepolish came in and immediately figured out the best configuration for my apartment. I finally feel at home.

- Michael, Homepolish client
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